Welcome to the Engaged in Learning Blog. 

Learning is vitally important in all of our lives. We begin learning the moment we are born. We don’t stop learning until the moment we die.  We learn in every moment of every day. It is a constant in our lives, like breathing.  We can’t shut off learning and we can’t make it stop. . 

We are each teachers as well.  Some by trade, others just by existance. We teach by all that we do. Even when we don’t realize it, we may be teaching. People watch us, people ask questions of us, children pick up things from us.  

As a teacher by trade, it is my job or my responsibility to teach the children of our future.  This is a great and very important task that I do not take lightly. Teaching is not a step by step methodical task…it is a skill that involves assessment, strategy, invention, exploration, and navigation to attempt to reach each child in a way that makes sense for them, that reaches them at exactly the right moment in the right way. And, although formal education has been around for quite sometime, interestingly, researchers and educators continue to learn how to best teach to reach students of all backgrounds, learning styles, abilities, and needs.

What we know is that from the day you are born you were ENGAGED in your learning. You actively participated. You reached out and touched, you listened, you made noises, you attempted to pull yourself up and walk.  You were engaged in the activity of learning.  You did not sit passively watching others walk by…you watched and then attempted.  We know that the best way to learn is to actively participate in the learning process. So the best way to teach, is to engage the learners in the process of learning.

That is what this blog is about…sharing ways to actively engage the learner, to actively teach.

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